Our Weekend

We had a very nice, relaxing few days at home this weekend. We didn’t have any plans, so we got to enjoy time at home with the boys. Carter had another big day on Saturday working outside with Zach. Of course, he had a blast and cried when it was time to come in and eat lunch. Seth has had several good days and hopefully has turned the corner from his “colicky” demeanor. He has been such a sweetie and has started “talking” to us over the last few days. He smiles all the time and loves for his Daddy to sing to him. Here are the latest pictures:

Look at those baby blues!

That’s almost a smile!

Posing for a family picture after church on Sunday.

All smiles!

3 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. Seth is getting SO big and changing a lot!! I love the pictures and cannot wait to see you all (finally) in person in a few days!!!!love,Katie 🙂


  2. GREAT pictures! i had so much fun holding seth the other day. and carter needs to come “shoot baskets” at my house soon. your kids are fabulous!


  3. I am so glad that you had a good weekend with your family. Jackson and I are so appreciative that you let us hang out at your house on Friday. Your pictures are too cute!


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