The Weekend

Even though the weather outside was not good, we had a good weekend. On Friday we spent the evening with several of my college friends and their families. It took Carter a while to warm up, but after being there for an hour or so he was comfortable and playing with the other kids. It was fun to catch up and talk about our college days!

On Saturday we were able to spend the morning at home together. We went out and got Carter his first potty. He talks about it all the time! Even though I don’t plan on potty training soon, I thought he should get used to having one around and maybe it would spark his interest. He has “gone potty” about 20 times this morning already. His version of going potty is just him sitting on it and saying “I went potty.” Obviously we have a long way to go!

On Saturday afternoon Zach’s parents came down for a while. Carter and Seth got their Easter baskets from them. Carter had a fun time playing and Zach and I actually got to enjoy a dinner out. It was so nice! Seth was a sweet little guy and enjoyed some one-on-one time with his Mommy and Daddy since Carter was occupied.

We spent Sunday resting up from Saturday night. Seth did not have a good night and kept Zach and I up for most of the night. On Sunday, all four of us crashed for a two hour nap…it was awesome! We are looking forward to a warmer week and getting outside some to play. Hope you all have a good week!

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