Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a good Easter! We started our morning by going to church. It was so cold here that Carter did not wear the outfit that I originally bought him for Easter. He wore a new outfit that his Nana gave him. He looked so handsome! Here are some pictures of the boys with their Easter baskets and in their church attire.

Carter opening his Easter basket this morning.

Carter is helping Zach open Seth’s Easter basket.

All dressed up and ready for Church!

After church, we had some friends and their kids over for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. We had 8 adults and 10 kids in the house. It was crazy (but so much fun)! We are so thankful that it warmed up a bit so that we could have our Easter egg hunt outside. The kids had such a good time collecting eggs and playing together. It was a great day!! Here are some pictures of the Easter egg hunt. (Unfortunately, Seth is not in any of the pictures because he slept through the entire get together and hunt).

Carter finding his first Easter egg.

As soon as Carter would find an egg he would launch it over the fence. This is one of his favorite games right now.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Thanks for a GREAT day! I had to look at Carter twice in the nursery at church on Sunday to make sure that was him. He did look so HANDSOME. Sorry that Seth slept the whole time, I missed seeing him.


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