It all started with a trip to Waffle House…

On Tuesday morning, Zach had plans to meet a good friend for breakfast at the Waffle House. After a very rough night with Seth, he volunteered to take Carter with him so that I could sleep in a few extra mintues. Carter had a great time…he loves waffles and enjoyed the extra attention from Zach’s friend, Mr. Brent. While Zach and Brent went up to pay, Carter headed to the door to leave. Zach called him back and Carter turned to go back with Zach, but slipped and fell. His cheek hit the bottom, metal rung on a chair. Needless to say, many tears were shed and Carter screamed for quite a while. All the waitresses were trying to help, offering ice packs and anything else they could do to help. All Carter wanted was his Mommy! Here are some pictures of his first big “boo-boo”:

Carter hanging out in his favorite chair!

Carter loves to play with playdough. They use it in his Bible class on Wednesday nights. It has become one of his favorite things to play with!

2 thoughts on “It all started with a trip to Waffle House…

  1. poor thing. that is quite a boo boo. campbell has so many bruises on his head that people probably think we beat him! hope it heals quickly!


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