New Pictures

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur in our house. Seth started his hypoallergic formula and we were hopeful he would feel better soon. Unfortunately, he was also diagnosed this week with reflux in addition to the milk allergy. He is now on prevacid once a day. We’re hoping that this will help make him more comfortable. He really struggles with eating and cries a lot while he is eating. We are praying that he will start to feel better quickly.

Seth is 7 weeks old now and smiles quite a bit for us. He seems to smile more for Carter than for anyone else! Maybe that is because Carter is always in his face trying to talk to him. Carter also likes to tickle his feet, hold his bottle, and help change his diaper. He loves his little brother “Sef”!

Carter and Seth under the play gym!

Seth playing on the floor after his bath.

The weather here this past weekend was awesome. Zach and Carter spent most of Saturday and Sunday outside. Carter loves to help Zach when he is working in the yard. As you can see from the pictures, he has to do everything that his daddy does! He even has his own play shovel and rake to use when Zach is using the real ones.

Daddy’s little helper!

Carter wearing his “glubs” and helping Daddy!

Seth had his first real bath this week. I am posting two pictures of Seth and one of Carter to show how much they resemble each other. Seth definitely has more hair and it is darker, but I see so much of Carter in Seth.

Seth in the tub.

Seth in the tub.

Carter in the tub.

Enjoy the pictures (and the new blog site)!

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