Like Father, like son!

After a rough week with Seth, I took him to see the pediatrician on Friday afternoon. After a long discussion, she decided to test one of his dirty diapers to see if it was positive for blood. (This is how we diagnosed Carter’s milk protein allergy). After a 5 minute wait, we discovered that it was positive and the doctor diagnosed Seth with a milk protein allergy. So, all three boys (Daddy included) had a milk allergy as a baby. Seth is now on Alimentum (the ultimate formula) and seems to be doing well. Zach and I don’t mind the extra expense, as we know how much it will help Seth feel better.

Here are some new pictures of Seth:

One thought on “Like Father, like son!

  1. so glad you’re on blogspot. we have one, too. thesciortinos.blogspot.comlove the new pictures. see you on sunday.


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